This healthy, nutitious and low calorie soup is very famous in Spain. Its called “crema de Alicia” and was given this name after a girl called Alicia who found vegetables very boring. She created this soup and thus the name. Actually more than a soup it is a hearty vegetable puree. This soup is now being manufactured by Knorr with the same name. My daughter would actually buy this from the supermarkets to have on cold days till i decided to make it myself! She read the ingredients from the box  for me to create in my own kitchen. The result was a delicious thick , healthy vegetable puree which i made without a drop of oil. You can always add a few drops of extra virgen pure spanish olive oil to your bowl of soup. Serve it with croutons, or just have it plain…the goodness is amazing.
300 grams of carrots, chopped roughly
300 grams of peeled courgette/zucchini/turai chopped roughly
1 small sized white onion, quartered (Jains please omit this)
1 large red tomato, halved
2 cups of water or stock (you can use whichever stock you like)
2 stock cubes (optional, if you use stock then no need for stock cubes)
salt to taste
a few drops of extra virgen spanish olive oil to splash on while serving(optional, i did not add)
In a pressure cooker or a casserole dish add the vegetables, water and stock cube and pressure cook it for about 6 whistles or about 5 minutes after coming to pressure. If using a casserole pan you might need to add more water.I have stated 2 cups of water as this is supposed to be had like a thick puree. When cooled thorougly blend it in the blender till smooth. I used my amazing bullet to do this.
Serve hot with a few splashes of extra virgen pure spanish olive oil
This is a low calorie version of the soup. The original “crema de alicia” also has boiled green peas, but i did not add as i wanted to have this lovely orange colour. Now if you want it a little richer in calories, you can add some milk or cream to this. For Jain recipes please omit the onion. For a little “desi” taste you can add a bit of ginger and some cumin powder. If you love curry powder then you can add some too for a curried soup. The options are many. I have just given you the basic recipe.
Enjoy your healthy bowl of soup!!

To buy the amazing bullet do mail me at cookingwithnitu@gmail.com

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