With a lot of pleasure and love for all of my vegetarian, celiac and vegan followers  i bring you this recipe which has been shared to me by Herman Vaz. I saw this recipe which he shared on the group i have on facebook called “cooking with nitu didi” and i was fascinated! I just had to share it with all of you ! Thank you so much Herman who was so thrilled i was actually sharing the recipe. Well its my love and concern for all of you who are have certain diets or follow certain beliefs. I just love to bring a new recipe to your kitchens! Hope you like it and comment so Herman can be happy too!
For the recipe please click HERE
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Health benefits of gram flour:
Gram flour contains a high proportion of carbohydrates  but no gluten.  Despite this, in comparison to other flours, it has a relatively high proportion of protein.

For Jain recipe just omit the onion

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