Want a workshop with a “DIFFERENCE”???
I can arrange all kinds of workshops
BOLLYWOOD WORKSHOP..where you can learn how to cook restaurant type indian food with dance and music
WORKSHOPS  FOR CHILDREN..teach the young how to enjoy being in the kitchen
WORKSHOPS FOR THE WORKING WOMEN..exotic food need not be complicated  and time consuming. I WILL SHOW YOU HOW
WORKSHOPS FOR MEN..fancy watching your husband learn cooking? LETS HAVE AND FUN FILLED WORKSHOP FOR YOUR MEN
WORKSHOPS with a THEME… you chose the theme and lets organise getting that done
WORKSHOPS in ENGLISH, SPANISH AND HINDI…brush up your language skills…
WORKSHOPS for authentic INDIAN FOOD which no  indian restaurant serve…for those who have been to INDIA and eaten their amazing ROADSIDE FOOD!! well even thats made at home!! NITU DIDI WILL SHOW YOU HOW

I will train your household help to cook if they cant!! I offer one to one training courses for cooking  for all those who have hired domestic help and need them  to cook asian food. I will come and teach them in your kitchen



I had gone to Madrid to host a 2 cooking workshops where i taught bloggers and indian food lovers how to make indian food. I taught pakoras with my famous frying technique where i fry perfectly so the result is totally non oily and then i also taught a chicken biryani and pista kulfi ending with a video on how to make the perfect masala “chai”. The second workshop was with a lovely group of women who were fascinated with India and Indian food. I again taught pakoras and they were amazed to see the results of deep fried not being oily!! Then i taught them “kheema mattar” which is indian style minced meat and then ended with pista kulfi!! Here i am sharing all the pics!!

here i am preparing for the biryani for 20 people a day before the workshop..this is in Madrid in Helena Ballesteros kitchen..shes also a spanish food blogger

Myself, Naiara, Helena and Hugo…. Nairara and Hugo are food bloggers of Sushi con Jamon and Helena is blogger of sueño con ser cocinera

With the whole group of the people who attended the workshop

Crispy oil free pakorasThe rice being colored for the biryani

The pista kulfi

These were the main things that i taught

Cooking workshop videos:


I now offer virtual cooking classes…. to book please click here

2 Responses to Workshops

  1. Denise Wood says:

    I have just joined your website and notice you do cooking workshops and I wondered if I got a group of friends together approx 8 people would you be willing to come to my home to do the workshop . I don’t know what areas you cover but we are in Catral near torrevieja. If this is possible could you please tell me an approx cost for this .

    Many thanks
    Denise. X x

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