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Been to Spain??? Miss those lively tapas bars and the most common sight there??? SPANISH OMLETTE!! Its eaten anytime…. and is soo popular. The spanish make many types of omlettes but the typical “tortilla de patata” literally translated as “potato … Continue reading

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“PINCHOS” is a famous TAPA served all over spain. With a chilled glass of beer, or a jug of sangria or even a lovely spanish white RIOJA wine you have the simple pleasures of life. Its easy to make at … Continue reading

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  GAZPACHO This is a Spanish cold soup very popular in summer. There are many ways and versions of this but i will show u the basic one. Its very easy, keeps a few days in the refrigerator and is … Continue reading

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“PINCHOS” is the spanish name for these meat skewers served in most of the restaurants and “TAPAS BARS” all over spain. In Spain they are made of meat but here i have created a vegetarian version. For this particular dish … Continue reading

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AUTHENTIC SPANISH PAELLA MADE IN THE AUTHENTIC PAELLA PAN… A CLEARER PIC SO U CAN SEE HOW ITS SERVED HERE RECIPE: chicken and vegetable paela 2 chicken legs n thighs, skinned and cut into small pieces 1 cup of green … Continue reading

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Patatas Bravas

PATATAS BRAVAS!!!!!!!!!!! who has visited SPAIN and not tried this at the local food eateries???? if u havent had PATATAS BRAVAS u havent been to SPAIN!!! with a glass of chilled beer, or some SANGRIA……this is the ULTIMATE TAPA… i … Continue reading

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