Been to Spain??? Miss those lively tapas bars and the most common sight there??? SPANISH OMLETTE!! Its eaten anytime…. and is soo popular. The spanish make many types of omlettes but the typical “tortilla de patata” literally translated as “potato omlette” is the most common. They say theres a trick to making the perfect spanish omlette. The ratio of the potatoes to the egg, and the fact that the centre should be soft… etc etc.. but actually it depends on the individual. I like to cook eggs thoroughly to avoid all kinds of health issues that do crop up with uncooked egg. So let me guide you into making that TYPICAL TORTILLA DE PATATA!!
Do remember to serve it with french baguette…. and also a glass of chilled beer, wine of your choice or sangria!!!!! Creating the spirit of Spain in your kitchen!!!
for a small sized omlette
350 grams of potatoes, cut in rounds of about 1/4 inch thickness…thats not too thick and not too thin
1 white onion, cut into small pieces
2 inches of oil, olive oil or cooking oil
salt to taste
6 eggs

Heat the  oil in a non stick skillet and put the potates and onions  in to cook on low flame. Cover the potatoes and keep on stirring so they dont brown. Keep aside to cool. Beat the eggs well .
Reheat the skillet and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and when heated add the potato egg mixture and cover it and leave it to set on medium flame. You can check it by lifting the side of the omlette to see if its browned on the bottom. Using a plate big enough to cover the whole skillet flip the omlette and cook on the other side also. When its done leave it to rest a bit covered for it to be thoroughly cooked. Cut it into wedges and serve it with sliced french baguette..THIS IS HOW ITS SERVED IN SPAIN!!!!!!!!

To see the video:

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