“PINCHOS” is the spanish name for these meat skewers served in most of the restaurants and “TAPAS BARS” all over spain. In Spain they are made of meat but here i have created a vegetarian version. For this particular dish one needs a spice called “ESPECIAS DE PINCHOS” (translated means: pincho spice) which is either red or yellow pertaining to the region where it comes from and even the flavor.

I will teach you how to make this vegetarian version and also the regular version. Today its the VEGETARIAN PINCHO thats going to be the focus!! You can make it with firm tofu, with seitan, with just vegetables… choice is yours. I made these with mock duck, fresh mushrooms, red and green capsicum and onions.

The ingredients you choose should be cut into chunks and more or less of the same size so they can be skewered into wooden sticks.


1 can of mock duck cut into chunks

1 big spanish onion, cut into chunks

1 red capsicum, cut into chunks

1 green capsicum , cut into chunks

10 big white mushrooms, quartered…if they are small you can keep them whole



4 tablespoons of olive oil

2 teaspoons of lemon juice

a dash of powdered garlic

a dash of chilli flakes if you want it hot

mix everything for the marinade. add it to the chopped vegetables and mock duck and marinate refrigerated for about an hour.

soak the wooden skewers in water and then skewer the vegetables into it…

grill in a hot pan till vegetables are done

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