1337This recipe was created because a dear friend of mine Reena Hira was telling me about a diet she has been on. Totally oil free! With patience you can cook most things without oil ( i said most!!!). Anyways i decided to try and make a chicken using her technique of sauteing onions in medium heat in a good pan till they get browned. I even asked her if it was possible and she said yes…So i decided to try and make something oil free! This is my take on the sindhi sayel chicken, using my own creation. I have the original sindhi sayel chicken recipe on the blog but i wanted to do something different . This chicken tasted amazing and when you realise it has NO OIL i guess it tastes better!! This is easy to make and can be made with lamb, mutton or even mixed vegetables. Ofcoruse the vegetables need less cooking time.
1 kilo chicken, without skin cut into pieces, i did not use the breast
2 onions chopped
green chillies
cloves, cardamom, peppercorns, fennelseeds, cinnamon, turmeric and coriander powder
salt to taste
1 red tomato chopped
coriander leaves chopped
water as needed
I have made a step by step video to show you how to make this excellent chicken
If you need to buy the amazing bullet, ceramic pans or any spices do go to my ONLINE STORE
Happy and healthy cooking!!!


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