This recipe has been sent to me by Kumar Sadhwani. He made this curry the way his dear mother used to make it and has served it with noodles for a change.
Thank you Kumar for taking the trouble and time to send me the pic and posting the recipe.
1 kg chicken thighs boneless or choice of chicken cuts. Garlic 8-10 cloves. A piece of ginger about 1 inch. 2 green chillies. Two large onions cut into quarters. Two potatoes quartered. Six tomatoes chopped roughly. 3 tbsp. babas meat curry powder. 1 black cardamom. 4 cloves. A small piece of cinnamon. Dhania powder about a tbsp. some turmeric. 1 tbsp oil. A cup of coconut milk. A pinch of sugar.

Sauté garlic in oil on low heat til fragrant. Add tomatoes and cover until tomatoes soft. Add ginger and potatoes and dhania powder and salt with the pinch of sugar. Cover and simmer. Mix babas meat curry powder in some water. Keep aside. Add the chicken and the chillies and then the curry mix. Cover and cook on simmer until potatoes and chicken are tender. Add the onions and continue cooking for another ten minutes then add the coconut milk and cook until thick. Adjust the seasoning per taste throughout the cooking process. Serve with noodles. If making prawns follow the exact recipe but add prawns in the end as they cook very quickly.
What is Baba´s Meat Curry Powder?

NITU DIDI TIP: If you cant get this particular curry powder then try using a good curry powder or if you need to buy a good curry powder do check my online store for Nitu Didi London Fine Curry Powder which is a non spicy curry powder full of flavour.

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