I wonder why i dont make risotto more often? One can experiment so much with this recipe and one does not have the fear of the rice being overcook :p giggles 😛 Jokes apart, today my son asked me why a risotto tasted so buttery and creamy and if it was possible to make one without any of that buttery creamy taste. I immediately thought of something and came up with this! I know many of you will say a risotto is not a risotto without the butter, cream and cheese…and yes that is correct in a way…but what if one does not like the taste? There are many risotto recipes online if one wants to follow the normal risottos. I always try to do something different so here you are! The taste was awesome, in fact i myself was surprised by how good and light it was! So…here is my take on a total fat free vegan risotto!
1 cup of rice, i used ordinary rice (you can use Arborio rice if you have it… or any rice will do except a fragrant rice like basmati or jasmine rice)
1 cup of assorted mushrooms, you can use white mushrooms, portobello, oyster mushrooms etc etc
1 stalk of celery, chopped fine
salt to taste
a good sprinkle of lemon pepper ( this is just adding a bit of spice)
2-3 cups of vegetable stock (or any stock you have handy)
In a non stick pan ( i used my ceramic pan) just put the mushrooms and cook them on medium heat till they release their juices. Add the chopped celery and the rice. Mix well and add a little of the stock and cook till the rice absorbs the stock, then add a little more, and cook again. Keep on adding the stock bit by bit till the rice is done and the texture is creamy. If you add the stock all at once you will not get the desired creamy effect. This is the way risotto is cooked. The normal recipe usually has the vegetables sauteed in butter, and then you add the stock, finishing off with cream and parmesan cheese. This is a lighter version for all of you.
I just used assorted mushrooms and celery but you can use any kind of vegetable you want such as : carrots, asparagus, corn on the cob, brussel sprouts, etc etc. If you like you can add non dairy vegan milk or cream to this to get a more authentic risotto. We loved it just the way it is.
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