Shammi Kabab is the lesser popular kabab compared to sheekh kabab which is world famous. This used to be our sunday dinner when i used to live in HongKong and one of my fathers favourite dishes.  I like these kababs as they make a refreshing change to sheekh kababs tho they are a little complicated to make , they are delicious, gluten free and a nice snack to serve when hosting a party. In fact you can serve both sheekh and shammi kababs as part of your non vegetarian starters. The sheekh kababs can be made with minced chicken and these shammi kababs with any red meat of your choice. I will also write how to make them in a vegetarian way 🙂
What i like about this kabab is its smooth texture and for an idea you can even use it like a hamburger…in a bun with some onion salad and you have a lovely desi burger!
300 grams of lean minced red meat, you whichever you prefer and what suits your budget
1 handful of channa dal, yellow lentils, soaked overnight
1 tablespoon of chopped ginger
2 green chillies or more
chopped coriander leaves, about 2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon of mint leaves chopped, if you have ( i did not have so i did not put!!!)
2 cloves, 2 cardamoms 2 peppercorns, a small piece of cinnamon, 1 star anise, 1 teaspoon each of coriander leaves and cumin seeds,
1 egg
salt to taste
Put the meat to boil with a cup of water, the spices, ginger and green chillies  and the lentils and cook or pressure cook if using a pressure cooker till the lentils are done. Add the salt and cook till all the water has dried up. Cook further till the mixture starts sticking to the pot. Remove from heat and cool thoroughly. It is very important that all the water is dried from the mixture or else you will not be able to proceed further. Once the mixture is cooled thoroughly put it into a food processor and blend it thorougly so all the meat, spices and the lentils are ground to a paste. Another very important step. Please do not put the hot mixture into the blender! I used my amazing bullet to do this.  Once the mixture is ground to a paste check and correct seasoning. You can add some red chilli powder if you wish to this. Now add the coriander and mint leaves. Mix well and add the egg. Keep in the refrigerator for a few hours for the mixture to harden. Now heat oil for deep frying and make a small ball of the mixture and fry it in the hot oil. If it does not break (which it should not, thats why i tell you to dry the mixture properly) you have got it right. If it does break you will need to add some breadcrumbs or mashed potato flour. I do not like to add either as it changes the taste of the kabab. Or you could add a bit of cornstarch. Shape the mixture into round flat small burgers. Deep fry in hot oil. Please fry a few of them at a time for best results.
These shammi kababs can be made in quantity and frozen once fried and then just heated in the oven or microwave.
They can be made into a burger or even made into different shapes.
You can use soya granules and cook them the same way with the lentils. Omit the egg if you are pure vegetarian and add a slice or two of bread soaked in milk. Proceed the same way 🙂
Many recipes shape the kabab , dip it in beaten egg and fry but i find those too oily and it messes up the oil a lot. I prefer to make it this way. Can u pan fry these? Yes you can, tho it would have the same appearance or outer crunchiness.
Serve these kababs with green chutney and onion salad. The green chutney recipe is here

this is how the mixture should look like


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