GLUTEN FREE CHILLADay by day there are more people who have a gluten intolerancy . I try to please everyone as much as i can by innovating new recipes which are simple, economical and also easy. This recipe is simple and very easy. These crepes/chillas can be eaten with anything sweet or savoury. If you want them sweet just add some sugar to the batter and some flavoring and if you want them salty you can follow my recipe. I did not make them spicy as my daughter does not eat spicy food but i will give you all the options one can do with this versatile recipe.
1 cup of gram flour (besan also known as channa ka aata)
1 cup of rice flour (known as chawal ka aata)
a pinch of salt if you want it salted
1 teaspoon of nigella seeds /black onion seeds, kalonji
1-1.5 cup of water or more
1/4 teaspoon of eno fruit salt
a pinch of turmeric powder (if making it savoury ofcourse)
Mix the gram flour with the rice flour and add the salt , turmeric and nigella seeds. Add some chilli powder if you like it spicy. Add the water and make a semi thick batter like for coating pakoras . Let the batter sit for an hour at room temperature. After an hour add the eno fruit salt to it and now lets make the crepes.
Heat a bit of oil in a non stick frying pan and spread it with a pastry brush or a piece of kitchen paper. When its hot add a big spoonful of the batter and spread it with the back of the spoon till its a uniform round. Let it cook on one side and then flip and let it cook on the other side till both sides are browned. If you like you can drizzle a bit more of oil.
OPTIONS: You can substitute nigella seeds for cumin seeds
My daughter loves nigella seeds and i try to add them in my food as they are so good for health
You can add chopped onions, coriander leaves and green chillies to the batter.
You can also add some freshly grated coconut.
You can make it sweet by omitting the salt and adding a bit of sugar.
I even tried cooking it on one side, topping it with finely chopped onions and then flipping it over to the other side and cooking it.
These crepes /chillas can be used as wraps and filled with any filling of your choice

NITU DIDI TIP: For a thinner crepe/chilla you can make the batter thin… it all depends on choice
Nigella seeds also known as black onion seeds (kalonji in hindi) are small black seeds full of flavor and goodness.
They are very good for health Please read HERE

Nitu Chugani©


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