One more recipe in addition to my “spanindian” creations. Tuna sandwiches or baguettes are a common snack, or light meal in Spain. In many bars and cafes they serve a common “bocadillo de atun con olivas” which translated is a baguette with a tuna and green olive filling. I am a tuna fan…i like canned tuna in my salads and my sandwiches. One day i wanted to perk up my tuna baguette with something more spicy and exciting than my regular chilli sauce.  I opened my kitchen cupboard and saw a whole row of sauces and then this lovely jar of spicy green chilli pickle and i said lets experiment today!!! So in went some of the oil from the pickle into my mashed up tuna..with some chopped onions… and voila!!! I had my lovely filling…now to have a bite…. oooh…wat do i say??? The oil spiced up my filling to tingle my tastebuds…My family ofcoruse just looked at me with an expression that said “ugghh…what on earth have you done”!!!!! I savoured each and every bite…Now i know this filling might not be everyones cup of tea…but if you like tuna and you like pickles…do try it out…i used a very hot pickle…but you can use anyone you like 🙂
So….. lets make a quick sandwich!!
1 can of drained tuna ( about 60 grams)
2 tablespoons of finely chopped onions
2 tablespoons of oil from any desi pickle ...I USED…. (see here)
2 slices of white/brown/wholegrain or any kind of bread of your choice, i just used what i had…
Mix the mashed tuna with the onions and the oil from the desi pickle and let it sit for about five minutes. Spread on your bread and make your sandwich… Each bite is purely delight 🙂
If you dont like onions you can add any kind of vegetable such as grated carrots, cabbage or cucumber etc. You can also add tomatoes.
You can use bread of your choice, buns, pita bread or wraps
The filling does tend to get a bit soggy so its not picnic friendly
Tuna is rich is omega 3 oils which is good for our health. It is also a good source of protein and vitamin B…

Nitu Chugani©

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