Summertime is here !!! The best way to cool off is to have light and nourishing dishes. This raita is satisfying because of its tangy sweetish taste.
Lucious ripe pineapple gives it the needed sweetness and cucumbers the excellent crunch and subtle flavor.
I simply love raitas…and each time look for different vegetables to put into them.
The mint in this is soo refreshing too. One buys mint and wonders what to do with it…well one can make the mint and coriander chutney and then also use some in this raita.
This raita is also excellent as a dip with crackers…soo many ideas for just one dish..thats being versatile
I did not add any chaat masala but you can 🙂
2 cups of white natural yogurt…you can use low fat
1 cup of diced cucumbers
1 cup of diced pineapple
salt to taste
Mix the yogurt with all the ingredients except the mint leaves. If you want you can also add chaat masala and chilli powder to taste.
Garnish with the mint leaves and refrigerate till you eat it.
Delicious and cooling !!!!!

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