My daughter decided to bake something for fathers day. Shes studying for her exams so she wanted something quick and easy and delicious.
I told her  i had a box of puff pastry lying in the freezer and she said perfect!
She just used her imagination and created two lovely pies with the minimum of ingredients.
This is what you will need.
2 sheets of frozen or refrigerated puff pastry
a few slices of gouda cheese
some slices of ham
salami cut into rounds
tomato paste
tomato ketchup
Nitu Didi oregano leaves
grated cheese of your choice
sliced mushrooms
ok this is what she did…simple…she made 2 different pies…. heated the oven to 180 degrees. Placed a sheet of puff pastry in a baking tray and in one she put a layer of ham and then covered it with a layer of gouda cheese. She baked it for 30-40 minutes till golden brown and crispy. Voila…thats it!!
the second one she placed the puff pastry sheet in a baking tray and spread some tomato paste on it. Then she spread some ketchup, oregano, grated cheese and then added the sliced mushrooms and the salami…baked the same way!!
Verry easy and very delish!! Do try to make it…If you cant get puff pastry where you live then just use any pizza dough…. or my honeycomb dough without the sugar 🙂
Happy baking!!

How to make a bread dough …for this in case you dont have puff pastry…. please omit the sugar…jsut put in a pinch for the yeast to rise….

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