This is the first of my “low cost christmas campaign” which i am going to do for my followers. Everyone knows what Spain is going through and its sad…so i am starting this campaign for all of those who are going through a financial crisis. I would also like to thank BIMBO SPAIN for the hamper they sent me and i would like to talk about their sliced bread.  I got a hamper from them 2 weeks ago and believe me even after 2 weeks their sliced bread was as delicious as ever. I made these canapes from their bread tho they do have a special pre cut bread for canapes.
100 grams of cream cheese,  i used the herbed garlic one which is also low in fat
100 grams of grated cucumber
100 grams of grated apple
a pinch of black pepper, i did not put
a few raisins and pomogranet seeds for decorating or any other nuts or fruit you would like to add
Sliced bread
soften the cheese by keeping it out of the refrigerator for a while and then add the grated cucmber and grated apple and mix well. The amount of cucumber and apple you use is upto you. Add the pepper. Using a cookie cut cut the sliced bread into the shapes you like. If you dont have a cookie cutter you can cut the slices into triangles. Spread the cheese mixture on the cut bread and sprinkle with raisins and pomogranet on top and serve!!
To make home made cream cheese i have a video on you tube…
You can also add finely chopped ham to this. I have kept it vegetarian for all my vegetarian followers.
For vegans you can use silken tofu… just add herbs to it to enhance the flavor

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