This is my take on the popular restaurant side dish “peshawari naan”. Tho the dough i have made is not “naan” its of a soft rich paratha and easy to make 🙂 the filling is sweet and delicious and can be eaten anytime of the day !! You can fill these with any filling of your choice. Savoury  potatoes or spiced up minced meat is a good alternative or even crumbled spiced up cottage cheese. The main thing is the “dough” so here you go!!
2 cups of whole wheat flour or white flour, i used white flour
5 tablespoons of melted butter
a good pinch of salt
1 egg (optional…vegetarians please omit it)
a pinch of sugar
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
warm milk to knead the dough
mix all the ingredients for the dough and knead it with warm milk. Leave it aside for an hour covered while you prepare your filling
4 tablespoons of dessicated coconut
2 tablespoons of raisins
2 tablespoons of powdered almonds
condensed milk as needed
In a blender add the dessicated coconut with the raisins and pulse till its all a mushy mixture. Remove to a bowl and add the powdered almonds and enough condensed milk to bind it all together.
Make small balls of the dough and roll each roll into a thin round. Smear one round with a bit of the filling keeping the edges clear ( i used a butter knife to smear the filling) and then cover with another round of the dough and seal the edges well. Roll it out a bit lightly to even it out.  Heat an iron gridle or a non stick frying pan till hot and cook the round on one side and then flip it over and cook it on the other . Smear with a little butter and serve it. Make all the rotis the same way!!!!

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  1. Nice post, really adore your blog.

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