This is just an idea of how to serve up a snack for a party or xmas dinner. You can make any kind  of savoury balls from meat, fish, chicken , turkey , tuna or vegetables and deep fry them and then just insert a pretzel stick ( i had to halve them) and serve them in a bowl or a deep platter.
I made these balls out of cooked chicken, this recipe of mine is dairy and gluten free .
2 cups of shredded cooked chicken, i used the chicken which i boiled to make chicken soup
1/4 cups or more of potato mash powder
1-2 eggs beaten (depends on the mixture)
salt and pepper to taste
a bit of chopped coriander leaves
a pinch of Nitu Didi cumin powder
a pinch of Nitu Didi chilli flakes
you can also add garam masala, coriander powder, tumeric powder and oregano to give it more flavor..i did not
pretzel sticks or thin breadsticks to insert
mix the finely shredded cooked chicken with the potato mash powder and the spices and coriander leaves. Add some beaten egg to bind it all together. Leave the mixture to harden in the fridge. Shape into balls and deep fry . Inset a pretzel stick or breadstick and serve.
TIP: to test if the balls will fry well take a tiny piece and put it in the oil…if it doesnt break up means your mixture is perfect. If it does you can add more potato mash powder or beaten egg. If you have added too much beaten egg by mistake and the mixture is soggy add some more potato mash powder. If you are not allergic to gluten you can substitute the potato mash powder for breadcrumbs. You can make this with fish or cooked meat and even boiled vegetables. You can also add some grated cheese to this.

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  1. anju chugani says:

    Ur really creative didi nitu бöϑ:※:ϐłêšš:※:Ƴöů wit many creative recipes 2 share n be a helper to us 🙂

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