This chunky vegetable soup is packed with vitamins and the goodness of seasonable vegetables. Tho frozen vegetables are handy and readily available throughout the year i somewhat love fresh vegetables and their taste. You can make this with the vegetables of your choice and preference. I will also add an “oriental” twist to this for those of you have asked me for a hot and sour soup. You can also blend this soup in the blender but i love to keep it the way it is and i simply love the clear flavorful broth. You can also add some olive oil to this. There are so many ways to make/change this soup so if you all do have variations do let me know!! I did not add any rice or pasta to it because then the stock gets a bit thicker and i love thin soups!!!
1 litre of ready made stock ( i used chicken stock, you can use any stock) OR…water and stock cubes of your choice
4 cups of chopped mixed vegetables like cabbage, celery, courgette, mushrooms, beans, white radish, turnip, swede, carrots, onions, etc. the amount of each vegetable depends on your preference…all the vegetables should be chopped into chunks or diced fine also on preference
salt and pepper to taste
heat the stock/water with stock cubes in a pot and add all the vegetables acording to cooking time (the ones that take longer to cook go in first and then the other ones later) cook till the vegetables are cooked but still crunchy. Season with salt and pepper.
VARIATIONS: for hot and sour oriental soup omit the salt and add soya sauce, white vinegar and sesame oil to taste
for a heartier soup you can add pasta or rice of your choice and add more stock as the pasta/rice uses up the stock to cook
you can blend this soup to make a puree and then add cream to make a creamy vegetable soup
for a minestrone kind of soup you can add some canned tomatoes
for the non vegetarian version you can add some chicken, ham  or even some beef ribs…
for an  exotic flavour you can add curry powder, grated ginger, lime leaves and even a tiny bit of coconut milk
Please do enjoy this hot bowl of soup and its variations and let me know!!


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  1. I’m not a big reader but for some reason your stuff always sucks me in. I’m looking forward to what you’ve got coming up next.

  2. Sonu Bellani says:

    put a maggi cube it tastes very nice. Also if i have a little of tomato or mushroom soup powder add that also it gets quite wholesome

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