Cucumbers are a souce of Vitamin A & C and calcium and iron. This is a light oil free salad which is soo crunchy. The sweet and sour dressing makes it “oriental”. Its excellent to snack on or serve as a side dish for an “oriental menu”. Many “oriental ” restaurants serve this complimentary. This is our family favourite,you can add carrots, turnips and lots of vegetables to this. BUT..this is my salute to the SPANISH CUCUMBERS which were in the news recently. Yes we ate them!!!

INGREDIENTS: cucumbers, peeled or left with the peel on, i half peeled them

DRESSING: white vinegar, or lemon juice or rice vinegar salt and sugar to tase You can also use a bit of cooking oil or sesame oil…i did not because that makes the cucumbers soft… and they lose their crunchiness

METHOD: slice the cucumbers into rounds and mix the ingredients for the dressing. the sugar does take a bit of time to dissolve. So keep that in mind. Toss the cucmbers with the dressing and refrigerate for a  30 minutes to let the flavors infuse. ITS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!

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