This is a low calorie, flavorful dish that gets its flavour from the fresh ginger, spring onions and leeks…its low calorie and nutritious. Usually its made with a whole fish with skin and bones but we like to use fish fillet..that way its easy to eat and NO MESS!!!
For this we need a few Chinese sauces which I use regularly in my Chinese cooking so even if you have to invest in a one time buy and plan to make Chinese food often its worth it.

Preparing everything in advance cuts on preparation time and avoids last minute chaos
500 grams fish fillet, kept in one fillet if possible
Chinese greens, or cabbage or lettuce leaves to rest the fish on to steam
6 tablespoons of cooking oil
SAUCES for marinade:
2 teaspoons light soya sauce
2 teaspoons Chinese rice wine
2 teaspoons sesame oil
Mix together and add to the fish
Also add some salt and white pepper powder
Ingredients to be chopped
2 inches ginger grated or chopped plus 2 teaspoons ginger juice
Juice of half a lime
1 small cup (see pic) of spring onion greens
1 small cup of leeks, white part and green part separated
1 small cup of chopped coriander leaves

Marinate the fish in the sauces, the ginger and lime juice, half of the chopped spring onion greens, and half of the chopped leeks, and coriander leaves for about an hour.
TIP—i poked the fish a bit so that the marinate penetrates into it

Prepare the steamer. I have used a professional steamer. You can even use a Chinese bamboo steamer
What you need to do is place a good amount of the leafy vegetables. We like to eat them so we use quite a bit. Place the fish on top carefully with the marinade. Spoon the chopped spring onions and leeks and coriander leaves over it beautifully (see pic). Steam it covered for about 20 minutes. To check if fish is done carefully poke it…if the flesh is white and flaky its done..i like my fish TOTALLY COOKED.
Once its done transfer it into a plate

Heat the oil well in a tiny fryingpan and add the rest of the greens and let it simmer in the oil for about 30-40 seconds. Pour this hot oil on top of the fish and serve immeditaly with white rice (see pic)

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