how to make home made paneer. well its simple, u take 1 litre of fresh whole fat milk and put it to boil, when it comes to a boil you lower the fire, and to it u add a small bowl of beaten yoghurt in which u have added juice of half a lime. when u add this to the milk it will split. when you see the cheese is on top and the whey thats beneath it is clear you shut the fire.
you take a muslin cloth and put it over a colander, you strain the cheese into the cloth and let the whey run out. the cheese will remain in the cloth, you can save the whey for curries or use it to knead dough as its verry nutritious. u now squeeze all the water frm the cheese. if u want it into cubes u put it in a plate with the cloth and put a heavy vessle filled with water on top of it so all the water drains out. leave it like this for at least an hour or two. when u open the cloth u will have a nice round cheese which u can use the way u want.

PLEASE NOTE: video tutorial shows adding some cream into the milk..thats for a richer cheese 🙂 it can be made without the cream also …can be also made with goats milk…and also with soya milk (then omit the yogurt and the cream and you have a lactose free cheese)

Video tutorial on how to make paneer

Here is Elodia Lopez pic of paneer with fresh herbs made by my recipe..Thank you soo much Elodia!!

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  1. Debi says:

    Thank you! I have been wanting to make cheese and this is perfect! It looks so easy when you make it! The one I saw used buttermilk but then it isn’t whole milk cheese, is it? ❤ and hugs dear!

    • nituchugani says:

      Debi… thank you.. this is easy and it seems to have worked for everyone ( i know because of all the comments they have left me on youtube) if you do try it and it turns out please share it and also comment ok?? thank you soo much sweetie 🙂

  2. Elodia López says:

    Thanks to you Nitu, next I am going to prepare one without herbs to serve it as a dessert with tomato marmelade. By the way, today I have used again your Saffron, my chicken is beautifully yellow and my husband says it is delicious. I will send you the picture ok? Thanks for your saffron, it is so good that I can use it in my main meals as well as in many of my desserts.

  3. Khairunnissa Bhola says:

    making this now… have left it to hang … will send you the final pic 🙂


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