this is such a popular snack in India.. the vegetarian alternative to CHILLI CHICKEN and a must for all PANEER LOVERS!! Makes a great snack for parties or a great main course dish….
for the sauce.
for 1 paneer made of 1 litre . milk
u need 3 flakes of grated garlic
a small piece of ginger
tomato paste
2-3 types of chilli sauce ( pls use chinese or indian chilli sauces…not tabasco)
tomato ketuchup
dark soy sauce
a splash of white vinegar or lemon juice
in a pan saute the garlic and when it turns color add the ginger,. take care not to burn, add the tomato paste and ketchup and the chilli sauces…. taste…it should be spicy sweet and sour…add the  lemon juice or vinegar. then add some sping onions and green chillies ( optional). this is your sauce which can be made and kept.
make the paneer as i taught u and cube it.

2 tablespoons of white flour

2 tablespoons of cornflour

sparkling water to make the batter and salt to taste

mix the flours and heat the oil. add the sparkling water and make a batter of dropping consistency. deep the paneer pieces in this batter and deep fry till  golden. dont darken them while frying…it spoils the appearance of the dish
to serve.
heat the sauce verry well and then stir in the batter fried paneertill well heated.
for a party the sauce can be made in advance and so can the paneer be fried, when you want to serve all u do is heat the sauce thoroughly and add teh paneer to it.
can also be made with tofu…. if buying fresh tofu… it contains a lot of water…pls remove tofu and wrap in a kitchen cloth and keep in the fridge for a few hrs. then proceed as for paneer.
can be made with whole fresh mushrooms,,, do the same as for paneer..keep the mushro0ms whole so they look pretty
for chilli gobi…. par boil the gobi florets and then fry..
for chilli fish…. cut boneless fish into small cubes…marinate in ginger garlic, chilli sauce, soy sauce… and proceed to fry…same goes with chicken or prawns!!!!
happy experimenting!!!!!!

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