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The japanese are known for their healthy way of cooking food. They have balanced meals using fresh ingredients. This recipe is courtesy Visha Vasnani of Tenerife who has been brought up in Japan. She is right now having health issues … Continue reading

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Chinese noodles! yum yum yum! I can eat them almost once a week! Some people say their noodles never turn right…sometimes too soggy and sometimes too dry…Well…first one needs to follow the instructions on the packet of the noodles. Its … Continue reading

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This is a nice light and healthy meal. All you chinese soup lovers will love this. I made it with a chinese chicken stock but you can make it with a clear vegetable stock also. I will give you options … Continue reading

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Noodles are a favourite with everyone! There are soo many types of noodles one can make… chinese fine egg noodles, veg noodles, flat ones, rice ones, udon noodles…i can go on and on…whichever noodle you choose to make is upto … Continue reading

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These amazingly easy bites are perfect for teatime or a rainy day snack! Made from instant flavoured noodles this is soo easy to make and you just need few ingredients which you can find in your kitchen cupboard! You can … Continue reading

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