There are not many snacks you can make with canned tuna. I think canned tuna is useful when you need to turn out something quick and delicious. Believe me there are many people who are hooked onto deep fried food and this is a perfect snack to give into your cravings and desires. They turned out a tad bit too oily for my liking but that can be rectified by frying them at the right temperature. Since canned tuna contains a lot of moisture, care has to be taken while wrapping the samosas ofcourse. I will give you step by step instructions on how to get the best results.
Canned tuna
Samosa wrappers, i used spring roll wrappers
a pinch of salt to taste
chopped coriander leaves and green chillies to taste
Nitu Didi curry powder to taste
Red chilli powder to taste
Dry mango powder to taste, if available
Oil for deep frying
Put the canned tuna in a colander (strainer) gently. Once the liquid is all drained, place is on various layers of paper kitchen towels and pat it gently trying to remove more liquid. Place in a bowl and mash. Add all the other ingredients. Mix well, taste and correct seasoning. Cut the samosa/spring roll wrappers and fold the samosas. If you dont know how to shape samosas you can also make them into rolls. For that you can see my spring roll video

Heat the oil and deep fry the samosas. Drain on paper towels. Serve with chutney of your choice.
To avoid the samosas from getting soggy and the wrapper melting. Make a few and deep fry them or place them in the freezer to harden a bit and then deep fry.

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Chicken soup for my soul and body… Thats what this one dish meal is all about. A wholesome non fatty chicken stock full of vegetables and rice. Inspired by the singaporean chicken and rice dish, i have taken my creation a notch further adding healthy vegetables to the chicken stock. I added vegetables that my family loves to eat so there is no wastage! This stock can be made in quantity and frozen too. You can also add noodles to the stock and make chicken noodle soup! Its amazing what can be done with a few chicken pieces and veggies! Nursing a cold? Need to eat light? This is a no oil recipe so its light on your digestive system too!
3 chicken legs and thighs, skin and fat removed
4 litres of water
2″ piece ginger, bruised so the flavour comes out
1 whole onion
250 grams of white radish, cut into chunks
1 large stock of celery
1 leek, washed well and halved
10 portobello or white mushrooms, washed well and halved
2 carrots, washed and halved
1 piece of cabbage, do not cut it
salt to taste
white pepper
3 handfuls of rice
soya sauce and sesame oil to taste
Put the water to boil and once its boiled add the chicken pieces into it carefully. Bring it to a boil again and remove all the froth that forms. I use a strainer to do this. Keep on removing it till there is no froth left. Boil the chicken for ten minutes and then add salt and all all the vegetables. Boil for an hour. Remove the stock from the heat. Remove the leeks, cabbage, celery and onion and discard. Keep the rest of the vegetables to serve. Remove the chicken and debone it.  Heat the stock and add the rice and cook till the rice is done. Add soya sauce, white pepper and a few drops of sesame oil to taste.
To serve, spoon the soup and rice in a bowl. Add the vegetables  of your choice and chicken. Serve with red chilli sauce.
For red chilli sauce recipe SEE HERE

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There is nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a cold wintry day. This recipe has been sent to me by Visha Vasnani of Tenerife. Thank you so much Visha. Mushrooms are low in calorie because of their water content. This soup can be made to your own taste by altering the texture and ingredients. Makes an excellent starter for a party of even as a one dish meal with a light side dish.
250 grams of white button mushrooms, washed well and chopped into quarters OR 1 can of mushrooms
1 medium sized potato, peeled and chopped
1/2 cup of leeks , chopped ( i used the white part)
1/2 vegetable stock cube
2-3 cups of water
salt and pepper to taste
Milk or cream, can use skimmed milk
In a pan add the mushrooms, potato, leeks, water and stock cube and put it to cook till the potatoes are done. Cool and blend in a blender till pureed. Strain it and put it into another pot. Heat gently , taste and correct seasoning. Add milk or cream and heat . Serve hot with croutons or a bit of sauteed mushrooms for garnish and chopped parsley leaves.

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Parathas make an excellent snack, side or breakfast dish. One can make parathas with a variety of filling, both healthy, unhealthy, sweet and savoury. Its now winter in Spain and our vegetable shops have spring onions in abundance. I decided to make some parathas with them, not knowing how they would taste. Well…. tasting is believing…so get your rolling pins out and try this amazing recipe!
The spring onions I have used are normal ones ( here we get chinese ones too), they need to be washed, pat dry and then finely chopped and wrapped in a kitchen towel to remove all their moisture.
1 cup of finely chopped spring onions
2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
Oil as needed (you can use cooking or olive oil or even butter or ghee)
Put the flour in a bowl and add the salt and pepper to it. Make a soft pliable dough using warm water and knead the dough for at least 10 minutes till very elastic and pliable. Keep aside covered for 10 minutes. Heat an iron gridle on medium heat. Make equal balls out of the dough. Roll each ball into a flat round disc . Take one rolled disc and spread it with some spring onions. Cover it with another dough disc and seal it all around by pressing with your fingers gently. Sprinkle some dough on both sides and roll it out a bit more so that it evens out. Brush one side with oil or butter and put it to cook on the gridle. When browned on one side turn it around and cook on the other brusing it with oil. Once both sides are cooked, it is ready to be served and eaten.
This is best eaten with a pickle or a chutney.

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Saag paneer is a real favourite desi restaurant dish. I know soo many people who just love this. I have published umpteen ways to make this recipe and today here is one more version! Talk about confusion! This is an easy recipe made in an instant with a can of ready to heat and eat saag! I usually never believe in canned or ready made pastes, but there is always an exception. This can of saag tastes as good as the real thing! So…. just add some paneer, boiled potatoes, sauteed chicken or lamb to have your favourite saag dish.
Paneer made out of 2 litres of milk , can be homemade or store bought, watch my video on how to make soft and delicious paneer at home
1 onion, chopped fine
4 cloves of garlic chopped
1″ piece ginger chopped
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder
1/2 teaspoon of red chilli powder
2 tablespoons of oil
5 tablespoons of ready to eat saag
1/2 cup of water
Heat the oil in a pan and first add the chopped garlic and sautee till it starts changing colour. Then add the ginger and sautee for a few seconds, and then the onion. Cook the onions till they are transparent and then add the ready to eat saag. Cook it for half a minute and add the paneer which you have cut into pieces. Add the spices and the water and bring to a boil. Serve with naan, rotis or parathas.
Simply delicious and easy to make.
If you do not feel like chopping garlic , ginger and onions, just heat the saag and add the paneer to it.
What is canned saag?
Canned saag is a mixture of mustard leaves, spinach leaves and green chillies. It is a typical panjabi dish to be eaten with makki di roti (which are rotis made from cornmeal flour).
The mustard leaves give this a very tangy and strongish flavour which gives this dish its distinctive taste.

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Aloo saag is so popular with everyone who loves indian food. This combination of potatoes with spinach is really amazing, healthy and a favorite with many, not to mention spinach lovers. There are so many ways to make this dish, and today i bring you my version which I feel is restaurant style. It comes with a 2 part video tutorial making it much easier to follow.
This recipe can be made with paneer, chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, soya nuggets etc etc. The spinach puree can be made in bulk and frozen. This is a very useful recipe and I hope you all enjoy it.
1 kilo potatoes, diced and boiled in salted water with turmeric
300 grs of washed spinach leaves, boiled with 1 small onion, 5-6 cloves of garlic and some ginger and green chilli
5-6 cloves of garlic
A little chopped ginger
4 tbsps. of butter  OPTIONAL
4 tbsps of oil
400 grs of crushed tomatoes
1 tsp of turmeric
1 tbsp of coriander powder
1 cup of water
Salt to taste
Put the spinach , and the onion, ginger and garlic with green chillies in a pot and on medium heat till the spinach is cooked and the mixture is mushy. Cool it and blend it in the blender, i used my magic bullet.
Heat the butter and oil and then add the chopped garlic and toss it till it starts changing color. Then add the ginger and toss it for a bit more. Add the crushed tomatoes and cook till the tomates are done. Add the spices, the potatoes , the spinach puree and the water and cook till the potatoes are done.
This goes best with rotis and naans.


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Who doesnt love to make a curry in a hurry? Prawn curry is a real favourite in my family and apart from peeling and cleaning the prawns this curry takes next to no time to make. It is my version of a coconut curry which is non spicy (the spice can be added to your taste with some chilli powder) and very delicious. The thickness of the curry also depends on the individual. If prawns are not to your taste, you can make this curry with fish, vegetables, tofu etc etc.
300 grams of shelled and cleaned prawns, i used fresh prawns and cleaned them myself
1 onion, quartered
5 flakes of garlic
1″ piece ginger
8 curry leaves
1 red tomato
1 cup of thick coconut milk
1 tablespoon of Nitu Didi London fine curry powder
1 tablespoon of Nitu Didi color free tandoori spice powder
1/4 teaspoon of Nitu Didi pure turmeric powder
Water as needed for the curry
Salt to taste
1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice
4 tablespoons of olive oil
Put the onions, ginger garlic and curry leaves in a blender and blend till it all becomes a paste. I used my magic bullet to do this. Heat the oil in a deep saucepan and fry this paste for 10 minutes on medium heat stirring often so that it does not burn. This is a very important step. Once the onion paste has changed a bit of colour and you notice there is no longer the aroma of raw onions that means your paste is cooked. Put the tomato into the blender and blend. Add the spices to the onion paste and sautee for a few seconds. Imediately add the blended tomato and cook further till you see the oil separating from the whole mixture. Add the salt to taste and the coconut milk. Bring the whole mixture to a boil. Taste and correct seasoning adding chilli powder if you want it spicy. Once the mixture comes to a boil and the prawns and cook for 3 minutes till the prawns are just about done. You will know they are cooked as they will change their color. Over cooking prawns tends to make them hard and dry. If you are making this dish and eating it after a few hours i suggest you add the prawns to the sauce just when you want to eat it. Once the prawns are done just sprinkle the lemon juice and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with boiled white rice or noodles.
This curry is very different tasting due to the blend of spices. To buy Nitu Didi curry powder and color free tandoori spice click HERE

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Okras are a great source of vitamins and fibre and such a versatile vegetable. We Sindhis tend to make this in many different ways. Deep fried , or smothered in green chutney, filled with spices and then sauteed etc etc. I grew up eating okras also known as lady finger or bheendi. If you are making a meat chicken or fish curry adding okra to it retains the flavour of your curry and gives it extra vitamins and fibre. Today I will teach you a very traditional way to make okras from my origin, Sindh.
There are no measurements to this and its basically very simple. You can calculate 150 grams of okra per person.
Tender okras, head and tails cut off and washed and then towel dried
Onions, sliced lengthwise, same quantity as the okra
Potatoes, peeled, washed and cut into wedges, same quantity as okra
a little bit of chopped ginger
a few curry leaves
red capsicum,cubed
1/2 chopped tomato per 150 grams of okra
green chillies, chopped, to taste
1 tablespoon of cooking oil per 150 grams of okra
1 pinch of turmeric
salt to taste
lots of chopped coriander leaves, i used my MAGICAL SCISSORS to do this job in a jiffy!
In a pan heat the oil and add the sliced onions with the ginger and salt to it. Let tgese cook on medium heat stirring them once in a while till they turn a nice beige color, taking care not to brown them. Once they are beige add the potato wedges and the turmeric and cover the pan. Let the potatoes cook slowly. When half cooked add the okra and cook covered till the okra softens slightly. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook till the potatoes, okra and capsicum is done. Garnish with a lot of chopped coriander leaves.
This dish is best eaten with “khichri”. Now many have asked for the recipe of khichri.
1 cup of basmati rice
2 tablespoons of yellow mung daal
2 cardamom pods, crushed slightly
salt to taste
1 tablespoon of butter
Soak the lentils in ample water for a few hours. This is done because the lentils take longer to cook than the rice. Soak the rice for 30 minutes after washing thoroughly. Heat butter in a pan and then add the crushed cardamom pods and then the drained lentils. Give the lentils a stir and then add the drained basmati rice and salt. Add about 1.5 cups of water and cook till the water is absorbed and check if the rice is done. If not, add about 1/4 cup water more and cook. This khichri is good for children and also eaten with papads, yogurt etc.

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Today i bring you a healthy recipe sent to me by Ravneet Arora. This vegetarian mousakka is delicous and easy to make. Boiled brown lentils replace the minced meat in a regular mousakka. You can even use cooked soya mince instead of the brown lentils. For my soya mince recipe please click HERE. This recipe has no measurements as its a matter of just putting it all together. Thank you so much Ravneet for your lovely recipe. Pan roasted thinly sliced potatoes, aubergines, mushrooms, garlic, onions and capsicums in olive oil.

Chopped a whole lot of tomatoes, added a carton of tomato puree, and cooked in olive oil alongwith salt, sugar, cinnamon powder and clove powder. Added brown lentils which have been previously soaked and pressured cooked , You can also use canned lentils.

Layered a casserole dish with aubergines, potatoes, mushrooms and garlic, lentil mixture and topped with béchamel sauce. Sprinkled each layer with salt, black pepper powder and oregano.

Topped the sauce with onion slices and capsicums and grated cheese. Baked in a hot oven for 30 mins.

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Having a basic sauce in the fridge/freezer is a real boon for days when you have no time to cook. I have been asked many a time for an easy , healthy , and yet delicious basic sauce for our desi cooking. This sauce is very versatile because you can enrich it in many ways. I will give you all the options. I made it a healthy way, using olive oil and NO ADDED coloring. Ofcourse this does not look like “restaurant food” but believe me, it tastes very good and just knowing that you are not adding anything artificial to it makes it all the more healthy and good for you. This keeps for a few days in the fridge and freezes wonderfully.
6 red tomatoes, the redder the tomatoes, the redder the sauce
4 cloves of garlic, Jains please omit
1″ piece ginger, Jains please omit
1 medium sized onion, Jains please omit
10 curry leaves, fresh or dried
1 tablespoon of cumin seeds (jeera)
1 tablespoon of coriander seeds(dhaniya)
6 cloves
1″ stick cinnamon (dalchini)
1 star anise
4 green cardamoms (choti elaichi)
1 teaspoon of fennel seeds (saunf), can be omitted if you do not like fennel
2-3 dried red chillies, depends on how spicy you want it
1 cup of milk
1 cup of water
10 cashewnuts, or almonds, please omit if you have an allergy
3 tablespoons of olive oil
salt to taste
1-2 tablespoons of honey
Wash the tomatoes, and halve. Chop the onion into quarters. Put the tomatoes, onion, ginger garlic, and put this all into a pan with 1 cup of water and boil till the tomatoes, onions and garlic has gone soft (about 10 minutes. While the tomatoes are boiling we shall roast the spices slightly in a pan on low flame, stirring till the spices are all heated up and a lovely aroma fills your kitchen. Please do not burn your spices. Remove from heat and let it cool a bit. Put the boiled tomatoes, ginger, garlic and onions into a blender when cooled ( i used my magic bullet) with the roasted spices, curry leaves, red chillies and the cashewnuts and blend into a paste. The paste can be very smooth if you want it to be ( as you can see from the pic my paste is not that smooth, that was because i was in a rush…oops…sorry!!!). Once its blended add the milk (you can add less or more according to the texture you need) and blend again. Add salt and honey. Heat the oil in a pan and add the sauce and cook it for five minutes or till it comes to a boil. This is your delicious and natural sauce. Now you can use it to create many different recipes.
I have written down the basic recipe. If you want it a nice rich red, you can use tandoori spice powder, or tomato paste or ketchup. If you want to enrich it, please omit the milk and add some heavy cream. If you want you can add butter or ghee instead of oil. You can also add some saffron strands to this (just put them in the blender) to give an extra rich taste.
For chicken : just sautee the chicken with some salt and then cook in this sauce till done. Garnish with coriander leaves.
For Paneer: just deep fry the paneer cubes slightly, or just add them as it is to the heated sauce and cook a bit.
For mixed vegetables, just steam the vegetables slightly till about done and then add it to the heating sauce.
Fish and prawns: just cook the fish or prawns slightly and then add to the sauce.
To buy the amazing bullet and spices, saffron and kitchenware CLICK HERE

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