There is nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a cold wintry day. This recipe has been sent to me by Visha Vasnani of Tenerife. Thank you so much Visha. Mushrooms are low in calorie because of their water content. This soup can be made to your own taste by altering the texture and ingredients. Makes an excellent starter for a party of even as a one dish meal with a light side dish.
250 grams of white button mushrooms, washed well and chopped into quarters OR 1 can of mushrooms
1 medium sized potato, peeled and chopped
1/2 cup of leeks , chopped ( i used the white part)
1/2 vegetable stock cube
2-3 cups of water
salt and pepper to taste
Milk or cream, can use skimmed milk
In a pan add the mushrooms, potato, leeks, water and stock cube and put it to cook till the potatoes are done. Cool and blend in a blender till pureed. Strain it and put it into another pot. Heat gently , taste and correct seasoning. Add milk or cream and heat . Serve hot with croutons or a bit of sauteed mushrooms for garnish and chopped parsley leaves.

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