Burfis (indian fudge ) are a favourite with everyone. One does not need to wait for a festive ocasion to have this delicious “indian sweet meat”. Burfis usually take time and effort to make , but i came across a recipe online and decided to try it out because i found it totally innovative and quick! The first thought that came to my mind is that my followers would love this. We Indians tend to offer sweet meats to our gods on all religious festivals and its a custom to always make something sweet in our homes on these days. You can make this recipe with many twists, flavour it with saffron, cardamom, rose water, add nuts of your choice to this. I made this with some saffron and used some caramelised almonds. I have recorded a video to show you exactly how it is done so that you don´t go wrong. The first time i made this i got the sugar syrup all wrong. It crystalised too quick because i wasn´t alert and i still added it to the milk powder and i got a crunchy burfi! The second time i got it right! So… in 2 days it is Cheti Chand a sindhi festival and so for this ocasion i am sharing this lovely recipe for all of you to make.
2 cups of full cream milk powder (i used THIS one)
200 ml of full liquid cream (also known as heavy or double cream)
3/4 cup of white sugar
1/4 cup of water
1 tablespoon of full fat milk
10 strands of Nitu Didi pure spanish saffron
2 cardamoms, powdered
nuts of your choice, i used chopped caramelised almonds (for my recipe see HERE)
Put the milk powder into a bowl and add the cream to it. Mix it well to make a paste making sure there are no lumps. Put this bowl into the microwave on full power for 3 minutes. Remove and check consistency. It should get thick, if not thick cook it again in the microwave for another 2 minutes. (This depends on the texture of the cream and the moisture in the milk powder). While the milk is cooking in the microwave put the sugar and water to heat in a pan ( i used my ceramic pan) and boil it till it reaches 1 thread consistency. Keep on stirring so it does not crystalise. Add the saffron and cardamom to the cooked saffron mixture and put in the sugar syrup. Mix well. Put into a plate and flatten with a spoon , OR wait till the mixture thickens and shape into balls. Roll in nuts of your choice or you can dip them into melted chocolate. These are just a few variations i am giving you.
Saffron is good for over all well being. It helps cure depression, insomnia and helps build your defenses.
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NITU DIDI TIP: If the mixture is too soft, dont panic, just add some more milk powder.

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  1. Eso tiene muy, pero que muy buena pinta. Besos

  2. sapna says:

    wow…thanx alot nitu

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