I dont know if this happens with you , but in my home sometimes the left overs are just not wanted. I crack my brains trying to think of what to do with left over daal, potatoes desi style and even batter. I try to cook enough food that theres no left overs but sometimes it just cant be helped. So today lets make something out of left over daal…You need a little thickish daal for this recipe. I have used left over yellow makhani daal but you can use any kind of daal. Just make sure the daal is thick. If you want to try this recipe and dont have left over daal dont worry…just boil some daal (lentils) with turmeric powder and add salt. Then heat up some ghee/butter and add some chopped garlic and ginger and then the daal and let it all simmer. Now that you have your daal..shall we make some lovely missi parathas out of it? Missi parathas are best eaten for breakfast in india with pickle , or tea or/and a bowl of yogurt.
Oh yes and this recipe comes with a bilingual video tutorial!
1 cup of left over daal (lentils), just run it through the blender to get it nice and smooth
2 big serving spoons of whole wheat flour, or as needed..it depends on the consistency of the daal
a little chopped coriander leaves
a pinch of cumin seeds
salt to taste
butter for spreading
Put the smooth lentils in a bowl and add the cumin seeds and chopped coriander and then the whole wheat flour and a bit of salt. You can also add freshly chopped green chillies, red chilli powder etc. Make a dough just with the daal trying not to add water. In the video i had to add a bit of water. Keep the dough aside for ten minutes. Heat an iron gridle/tawa or frying pan. Make balls from the dough and flatten. Roll into a round not too thin or too thick (please watch the video) and cook on the gridle till brown and done. Add a knob of butter to the paratha. Make all the parathas the same way and serve.
if you have any left over vegetables you can put them into the blender and make parathas out of them too!!
For Jain recipes dont add any chopped onions, ginger and garlic to this recipe



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