This healthy and pure vegetarian pesto sauce was made by my follower Paco Herrero and sent to me. He made the pesto sauce in the amazing bullet and was happy with the results.
He told me a “secret tip” to use while making the sauce…he said to put the jar in the freezer for an hour before making the sauce! That way the ingredients remain cool while blending. ç
To use the amazing bullet please use the pulse and wait method and also put the ingrdients bit by bit
Here is the recipe he sent me…Thank you soo much Paco 🙂
40 grams of fresh basil leaves
2 tablespoons of pine nuts, roasted and cooled
1 clove of garlic
50 grams of grated parmesan cheese( or any cheese of your choice)
salt to taste (very little as cheese is salty)
a good generous splash of Spanish extra virgin olive oil (be generous !!! pure olive oil is good for you)
We have our amazing bullet jar sitting in the freezer for an hour…so lets take it out and proceed to make our pesto sauce
Add the garlic and the pine nuts in the blender first and pulse….add the grated parmesan cheese a bit by bit with the basil leaves and keep on pulsing. You can add some olive oil to make the process easy. Add salt to taste and more olive oil to correct the texture.
Serve with pasta of your choice,
Paco has served it with gnocchis…
Thank you soo much Paco!
Benefits of olive oil

to order your amazing bullet please mail me

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  1. ¡Que buena la pasta, sea la que sea, con el pesto!.

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