Gyros are greek sandwiches where the meat, veggies are all packed into a pita bread smothered with garlic sauce and rolled into a roll.
In Spain they are known as “DONER KABAB” and in other parts of the world known as “shawarma”.
This recipe and pic was sent to me by my dear Ree Khan from Pakistan and she said it turned out yummy.
I am now sharing her creation with all of you. She made it with meat but you can make it out of chicken, or even vegetarian stuffing it with falafels.
meat of your choice : boil it, cut it into strips and toss in the skillet with olive oil, salt. black pepper , red chilli powder  and then let it sit for a while.
Veggies chopped such as : tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, capsicums (bell peppers) chopped green chillies and onions
Garlic yogurt sauce : mix yogurt with grated garlic. chopped mint leaves, chopped coriander leaves and salt. Mix and leave it the fridge to chill.
Pita bread
Make the pita bread and slit it open when cooled. Spread with garlic yogurt sauce, add the sliced meat (or falfels) and then top with the chopped veggies. Roll into a roll OR just roll as you wish and eat….
Delicious quick and practical. Makes the perfect sandwich with a difference.
Thank you soo much Ree 🙂

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  1. Que aspecto!, delicioso.

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