I know making home made pita bread might not be everyones cup of tea as its readily availble in most supermarkets at an excellent price.
I dont have them in the supermarket nearby and frankly instead of going out to buy it i just make my own!
The dough and the pita breads can be frozen and once you get a hang of it its not a trouble at all!
I know many who bake them in the oven…BUT…I just make them in the frying pan or a tawa(its much faster) and they come out perfect.
Saves electricity and they are made in a jiffy!
1 envelope or 7 grams of dried yeast
1 heaped teaspoon of salt
500 grams of white flour or whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon of sugar( to help the yeast to rise)
warm water as needed for kneading
Put the yeast in a bowl with the salt and sugar. Add around 1/4 cup of warm water and let the yeast rise (about 10 mins)
Once its risen and frothy add the white flour and knead into a pliable dough with warm water. Leave it covered in a warm place to rise.
This should take about 2 hours. Once its doubled in size, knead it again till really soft and pliable.
Make into balls and cover and leave to rise again. This should take another hour.
Roll into small rounds around 0.25 cms thick and cook on a preheated non stick fryingpan or tawa till puffed and slightly browned on both sides.
These can be filled as sandwiches or eaten with humus or baba ganoush..My daughter just loves them and snacks on them.
If you want you can add sesame seeds on top and then cook them
For an idea on how to go about this please watch my naan video
thank you!!!

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  1. Gauri says:

    Pita bread is one of our fav snacks … there can be number of fillings .. nice recipe!

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  3. kendrix says:

    Can you plz give a recipe of same without using yeast

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