I have had many ask me the secret of my succulent and different tasting kababs. Well i am very particular about my mince. It has to be fresh, with very little fat, and minced to perfection. Nowadays i manage to even mince my own meat so you can imagine how my kababs turn out. Each time i use a different marinade. I dont like to always have the same flavor to my kababs. I am a woman who tends to get bored very easily and am very hard on myself and my food. I do not add any binding factor such as bread or eggs or gram flour. I just make sure my mince is right. If you are buying ready made mince , please do not wash it, and if you do please drain out all the water by keeping it in a strainer and then place it in a kitchen towel to remove all the moisture. Please make sure the towel does not leave behind any threads,….imagine finding threads in your kababs!!! Now if your lucky like me to have your butcher make the mince fresh for you then you can always ask him to wash the meat first and then mince it. Remember that when a butcher minces the meat some of it always remains in the machine and also it might get mixed with what he has previously minced in that machine. Most food processors also mince meat and thats what  i discovered with my MAGIC BULLET… i had my butcher cut up the meat into small bits and then i minced it a bit by bit in my magic blender first on its own and then with the rest of the ingredients into the most amazing fine paste.

Now comes the big question..What do you marinate your mince with????
I have no hard and fast rules… it all depends on my mood.. I do have a video tutorial where i have shown one way to make kababs…so please follow that for ideas.
The other day i made some amazing tasting kababs without using any spices…. i had a craving for a new kind of taste…not the regular garam masala, cumin, coriander etc.
I wanted something flavorful and different and i just told myself i wasnt going to add some spice and let the natural herbs do their thing….
The result??? A lovely different tasting succulent kabab. So since i do have a few kabab recipes already put up i wanted to post something different. How to use mince, wash it, treat it etc and even make your own mince. The choice of meat you use is totally upto you. Can be what you like: chicken (please remember just chicken breast makes the kababs dry… use both breast and thighs ok), lamb, beef…pork…whatever suits you. You can even try mixing two types of meat. I still remember once making kababs out of chicken and lamb…they turned out quite nice.

Here is my spice free kabab mince meat ready to be shaped and grilled to perfection.

GINGER AND CORIANDER KABAS (makes 6 small kababs)
250 grams of meat of your choice cut into very small cubes
1 inch piece ginger, chopped
1 small onion , chopped
1 handful of coriander leaves, chopped
2 green chillies chopped
1 fresh red chilli chopped
salt to taste
1 tablespoon of extra virgin spanish olive oil
Put the pieces of meat into the blender and pulse. I use my magic bullet ( i never even realised i could mince meat in it too!!)
Once its minced add all the ingredients and pulse again till u get a fine paste…please see the  pic.
Leave to marinate for a few hours and shape into kababs. If you want to put them on skewers you can do that too. Shape the kababs applying pressure so they dont break,
If your mince is fine it wont break. You might need to oil your hands to shape them. This all depends on the mince.
Heat a grill or frying pan and grill the kababs till nice and toasted and done.
Serve with naan, pita bread, with chutney of your choice.
I hope this will help you make delicious succulent kababs

With my recipe you cant go wrong!!!!!!!!

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