Living in Spain for soo long i am lucky to enjoy the lovely fresh vegetables and fruits grown here. Valencia is the land of orange groves and i wonder why i havent created more recipes using orange.
Anyways i have been in a real creative mood lately creating all kinds of recipes in my tiny humble kitchen using the simplest of ingredients available.
You can add different ingredients to this salad but i personally love raw cabbage. Its soo good for health also. Imagine the vitamin C content in cabbage, orange juice, and lemon juice!
If presented properly it can be served in a party also. Watch your guests amaze at the combination of saffron with oranges ! Theme party??? An excellent dish to represent Spain! Havent i given you a lot of ideas??? Well this is what you need to do to make this lovely salad 🙂
250grams of chopped tender cabbage
1 white onion chopped fine
a little chopped parsley
salt to taste
1 small cup of orange juice
juice of half a lime
a good splash of extra virgin spanish olive oil
4-5 strands of Nitu Didi pure spanish saffron
1 orange , cut into rounds for presentation
1 kiwi cut , optional , its for presentation

for the dressing, heat the orange juice, lemon juice and the saffron for about 5 minutes till slightly thickened. The sugar content in the orange juice thickens it a bit. Keep aside to cool while you chop everything else.
Mix the cabbage with the onion and parsley.
Mix the dressing into the salad and splash with olive oil. Serve on a platter garnished with orange and kiwi slices.
A power packed vitamin filled salad which is delicious also

NITU DIDI TIP: if the oranges arent sweet enough please add some honey 🙂
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