Instant chinese flavoured noodles also known as (rameen noodles) are a boon to every household. They are becoming the ultimate snack or quick food in many kitchens. In Spain we get the chinese ones in the chinese supermarkets but now spanish supermarkets have also come out with their own version of these oriental noodles as they are called here. I was in Adelas home when we decided to make a video of this dish using prawns. The vegetables you can use are of your own choice as i used what Adelas family eats. Prawns can be substituted for chicken or even it can be made totally vegetarian 🙂 Just let your imagine run wild and create your own delicious stir fried instant chinese noodles 🙂 For all my halaal followers…please omit the brandy ok???
3 packets of prawn flavoured instant chinese noodles of your favourite brand
2 bowls of chopped mixed vegetables of your choice ( i used cabbage, leeks,and capsicum)
300 gramos of shelled prawns or chicken
1 tablespoon each of minced ginger and garlic
soya sauce, sesame oil
brandy (optional)
a little cooking oil to stir fry
Marinate the prawns in half the ginger garlic , a little soya sauce , brandy and sesame oil. Chop all the vegetables of your choice. Put the noodles to loosen in hot water and when loosened just drain. Heat oil in a frying pan and sautee the marinated prawns till just about done. Do not over cook!! The prawns will get tough and dry!!! Remove from the pan and let the juices be…add the vegetables and sautee till a bit done. Add the flavoured sachets from the noodles and some soya sauce and sesame oil. Add the remaining ginger garlic and if you like you can add some chilli sauce also to make it spicy. Add the drained noodles, check seasoning and correct seasoning. Toss well till well heated and serve!!!

Here is the video tutorial for all of you to watch how to make it!! Comments please !!!

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  1. J. ibn H. says:

    Actually, during high-temperature cooking, almost all alcohol disappears from the liquid, and it only adds flavour! Thus, the alcohol content remaining remains almost exactly the same as before (that is, the natural alcohol level that’s present in pretty much everything, including oneself!). Thus, I personally see no issue with adding brandy since that which is haram will disappear by heat!

    • nituchugani says:

      hi yes thats soo true… anyways i always leave the option of using alcohol in cooking open as some dont want to. thank you so much for your comment. have a nice day 🙂

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