Idlis and Dosas are soo popular in India and now worldwide! I am sure many of you have your own “recipe” for making these lovely light and fluffy idlis and crispy dosas. I was in Dubai and learnt how to make them from my dearest friend Sheena Shahani…her batter was 2 cups of rice, one cup of 1 urad dal and 1 cup of boiled rice and a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds. The dal was soaked overnight with the fenugreek seeds and so was the raw rice. The next day all is blended well and the batter is left to ferment. This recipe is Dipa Mowanis recipe with her very own pics. I am soo grateful to Dipa for actually taking the trouble to take pics and send us her recipe!!! Thank you soo much Dipa my love:)

Recipe of Dosa And Idlis ….
its the same
2cups of rice ( half Kilo )
1cup of Urad dal ( 250 grams )
soak them at night in water seperate
the next day grind separately with a bit of water
then mix both together and add salt and put into a container and leave it to ferment covered
for 24 hours in a warm place till it gets fluffy and increases in size
after that take a Idli recipent and pop a bit of oil and pour the batter
the idli maker sould be covered  and wait till its made…. the
batter should not  be very wattert it sould be thick open the cooker and
remover the ildlis with a fine knife and sever them with Sambar and cocnut chutney
or coriander chutney ,,,, hope you like it !!!
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6 Responses to IDLI AND DOSAS

  1. meggamoma says:

    Thanks Nitu for the recipe,my only question is what rice do we use? is it the supermarket American rice or Basmati?? Please advise.

  2. Ram says:

    Hi, here in England we get idly rice in Indian grocery stores.. ordinary or basmati rice can also be used but idly rice (parboiled short grain rice) is that much better.

  3. Nitu di pls give the recipe of dal idlis fot diabetic person

    • nituchugani says:

      hi rita…i think it should be the same way as the normal idli just omitting the rice- thank you 🙂

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