This yogurt sauce (dip ) is a hot favourite in my home. We have this with kababs, with chips, with crudites, on crispbread,with falafels and i could go on and on!! I also marinate meat/chciken in this and grill it…. its a simple sauce with soo many uses!! I simply love it !! It keeps for a week refrigerated so i always make a  huge container of dish. I have the video tutorial also on how to go about it so hope you enjoy it!!
2 cups of plain yogurt (250 grams) you can also use fatfee yogurt, or soya yogurt..choice is yours
2 teaspoons of onion soup powder mix
a dash of red chilli powder
a dash of garlic powder
a little chopped coriander leaves
mix all the above with the yogurt and leave it for a few hours for the flavours to blend. This is the most excellent dip i have ever tasted.When you do try it out do let me know!!

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6 Responses to YOGURT SAUCE(DIP)

  1. dipti hitesh shah says:

    wow superb nitu!!!!! a very good cook i must say!!!!

  2. Punita says:

    Me gusta mucho tu pagina de recetas. Sigue asi porque no ayuda a cambiar nuestros sabores. Un abrazo

  3. Sameera latif says:

    Cant find onion soup powder . Any other subsitute . ? ? I m fro mumbai .

    • nituchugani says:

      Sameera hi…in mumbai dont you get french onion soup mix by Maggie? you can use that…if not try onion powder and if not fry some onions till golden brown and powder it ok??????

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