This is an innovative way to serve sausages! Imagine covering them in a dough and then deep frying them til they are lovely and crunchy on the outside??? Kids will love it and its excellent for kiddie parties or picnics!
What you have to do is make a dough ( i had left over samosa dough…and  i rolled it out and covered the sausage with the dough). You can also bake them instead of frying them if you use pizza dough. These are an healthier version of sausage puffs which need puff pastry.
dough made by kneading white flour, salt and a bit of oil (1 cup of white flour needs 2 tablespoons of oil) and water. I used tomato juice to make the dough!
Oil for deep frying
Make the dough with the flour , salt and oil with tomato juice instead of water. Knead till smooth and leave it for while to rest. Make small balls and roll out into a thin round. Place one sausage on the side of the rolled out circle and roll till the sausage is covered with the dough. Seal the ends welll by pressing them well and also the end. What i do is wet my hands and press the dough well so that it doesnt open out while frying. Heat the oil and deep fry these sausages till golden brown!! Serve with sauce of your choice

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