This is a nice party salad which will surprise your guests…not for its content but for its lovely tangy fruity dressing with a difference! I made this for my New Years Eve dinner .  Now how did i learn this dressing??? Well…my sister Helena gave me a jar of this amazing home made blackberry jam and then Adela gave me a jar of some amazing grainy dijon mustard and i had both jars in the refrigerator and wanted to create something unique. So…i thought of a salad dressing!!! My son is my biggest critic and very into gourmet food and he loved it and thats why i am sharing the recipe today. You can add any kind of ingredients to this salad. I will tell you what i added but then you can always omit or add what you feel like.
1 bowl of iceberg lettuce, roughly chopped
a little cucumber, cut into rounds
black and green olives
tomato, cut into rounds
a few steamed mussels, removed from their shell ( good source of Zinc and vitamin  B12)
a few grains of pomogranet
Now you can also add some sweet corn, some cooked chicken or prawns, a bit of ham, some cheese, any other kind of lettuce etc. Just use your imagination
2-3 tablespoons of blackberry jam
1 tablespoon of good grainy dijon mustard (or just use what you have at home!!!)
salt to taste
a splash of balsamic vinegar
a splash of extra virgin olive oil
arrange the ingredients for your salad on a pretty platter. Mix the ingredients for the dressing and taste. You can always add or lessen some of the ingredients in it to suit your tastebuds!!! I just served the dressing apart so each one can add the quantity which they like.
NITU DIDI TIP: if you dont like jam you can substitute it for honey. You can also change the flavor of the jam and use orange/lemon marmalade or anyone you like or have at home!

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