Stuffed lychees is one of the most easiest salads to make….its innovative and pretty to look at and also very delicious. You can stuff them with many fillings as long as the filling is creamy to make the stuffing process easy. I use canned lychees and i drain them well. A bit of the syprup can be added to make the dressing depending on what you stuff it with. I already have one recipe of stuffed lychees with avocado. This time i decided to use cream cheese.
1 can of lychees, drained
100 grams of full fat, or non fat creamed cheese, at room temperature ( i used the flavoured one..garlic and herbs)
1/2 red tomato , chopped verry fine
1/2 small cucumber, peeled and grated
salt to taste, red chilli powder to taste if needed or black pepper
mix the cream cheese with the tomato and the cucumber and season to taste. If you like you can also add chopped nuts of your choice. Leave it in the fridge to get a little firm and then take the lychees and carefully stuff them with a tiny spoon or a butter knife. Serve in a fancy platter with sliced tomatoes and olives. You can serve it with lettuce, or even serve them in a cocktail glass!!! Enjoy!! The creamy taste of the cheese with the sweetness of the lychees is amazing and makes an excellent salad or a party starter

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