In Madrid there are tapas bars that serve these potatoes with different sauces. Its called “PATATAS ALA MIL SALSAS”. The potatoes they serve are deep fried…and the sauces are many many! I decided to recreate the same magic in my kitchen but on a healthier scale!! So those of you who wanna have their PATATAS ALA MIL SALSAS healthier can do so now and if you want that crunch then by all means do fry yours. You can use the frozen variety or make your own home fries 🙂
I used mayonnaise as a base and then flavoured them up with my imagination…. i will give you all the ingredients of each sauce…the base is mayonnaise…..
CURRY SAUCE: mayonnaise mixed with a good curry powder and a pinch of sugar
SPICY SAUCE: mayonnaise mixed with tabasco, and some other sweet chilli sauce
COCKTAIL SAUCE: mayonnaise mixed with ketchup
HONEY SAUCE: mayonnaise mixed with honey and mustard
WASABI SAUCE: mayonnaise mixed with wasabi
Cut the potatoes into thick rounds and boil them in a lot of salted water till just about done. Cool them and place on a plate, Serve with all these sauces which are in tiny containers.
TO EAT: dip each potato piece with your fork into the sauce of your choice
THIS IS PERRFECT FOR LAZY FAMILY OR COZY COUPLE MEALS…. with a nice glass of wine …AND OLE!!!!!!!!!!!

TIP: the vegetarians can use mayonnaise…or greek yogurt as their base 🙂

the vegans can use any sauce that they use instead of mayonnaise 🙂


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  1. peachkins says:

    I love potatoes and the different sauces looks delish!

  2. Lata Pessumal says:

    Nitu…can we fry the potatoes?

  3. nituchugani says:

    yes you can 🙂 in Madrid they are served fried with different sauces…i just wanted to have a healthier version 🙂

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