Eggless Choco Cheesecake

This is soo simple to make…the recipe was sent to me by my niece who used CADBURY DAIRY SHOTS which are available in India but you can just use 100 grams of milk chocolate cut into pieces
do try this simple awesome EGGLESS DESSERT

For the crust…15 bourbon biscuits blended in the mixi…and pressed to the bottom of dish…freeze for ten min

For the cheese cake…200 gms fresh cream, two heaped tablespoons good quality cream cheese, little milk (hot), and one box dairymilk shots(100 grams milk chocolate chopped)

Empty the dairy milk shots in a steel bowl…add few tablespoons of hot milk…only enough to start melting it. Stir and melt…then put it on lowest flame, add the cream cheese and keep stirring continuously…add the cream and 4 tbsp sugar…keep stirring…once its creamy and no lumps, pour on crust.

Freeze for an hour and then put in fridge. Serve chillllled

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