Fish parathas are basically parathas filled with a smooth fish and potato mixture. This is good for people who dont like fish and yet need to incorporate it in their diet because the flavour of fish is mixed with the potatoes and spices. Kids usually have a tough time accepting fish in their diet so these parathas are perfect and can be cut into small pieces and had as fun finger food! This is also an excellent way to use up extra chapati dough, boiled potatoes and maybe some left over fish from a curry or a fish fry?
For the filling:
boiled fish or left over fish from any cooked fish dish (make sure you remove all the sauce/gravy from the fish)
boiled potatoes, mashed
spices such as cumin powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder and raw mango powder (amchoor)
salt to taste
finely chopped coriander and mint leaves
green chillies, chopped
For the paratha dough:
Whole wheat flour
salt to taste
warm water
oil as needed, i used spanish olive oil
Make a dough by kneading the whole wheat flour with a little salt and the warm water. Knead for about five minutes till its nice and smooth. Keep aside for half an hour while you make the filling.
For the filling:  Flake the fish and mix it with the mashed potatoes, the herbs and the spices. Taste it and correct seasoning. Now lets make the parathas! Take a small piece of dough and make it into a ball. Roll it into a round about 1/4 cm in thickness. Make another round and take a bit of the filling and spread it over one of the rounds. Cover it with another round and seal the sides with your fingers.  Carefully roll out to make it even, and put it on a heated tawa (iron gridle ) or a frying pan and cook on both sides till browned, taking care not to overcook. Smear with olive oil and make all the parathas the same way till the dough and filling is used up.
NITU DIDI TIP: If you try to make the filling without the mashed potato, it wont bind. You need something to bind the filling together.

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