I love trying out new eggless recipes more for all of you than for myself! It is so strange how most things i cook are “for my page” as i keep on saying at home 🙂 So…this was part of dessert which i made when i had guests. This is a good, practical dessert to make as it can be made a few days in advance. It looks pretty and is easy to serve…Just put on a plate and voila!! I have many eggless cake recipes on the blog, so you can just search for them if you want to use eggless cake for this recipe.
2 cups of eggless chocolate cakepreferably a cake which is at least a few days old  crumbled with your fingers (for eggless cake recipe see HERE)
150 grams milk or dark chocolate bar
200 ml cream
1 tablespoon of instant coffee granules
2 tablespoons of coffee liquer (i used KAHLUA…this is optional)
caramelized nuts of your choice, powdered coarsley…i used THIS
Heat the cream gently on a low flame and then add the milk or dark chocolate bar chopped ( you can also use half milk and half dark chocolate) till the chocolate has melted. Stir in the coffee granules and leave to thicken. Put the cake crumbs in a bowl and add the cooled and thickened melted choco cream mixture and mix well with a spoon. Add the liquer if you like (my halaal followers can omit this step) and leave the mixture to cool in the fridge overnight in a covered container. Next day the mixture will be hard. Shape into balls and roll into the caramelised nuts and place in tiny truffle cases. These can be now served immediately or refrigerated again and served whenever you need to. This keeps perfectly for a few days.
You can use any cake of your choice. I made it with chocolate cake, but any cake will do.
You can also flavour them with almond, orange or any essence that you feel like.
You can also roll them in dessicated coconut, but the crunch of these nuts is amazing.
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  1. waheeda. says:

    UHi didi I jus love 2 be a proud owner of da bullet but dnt know how 2 go about purchacing onlyn n how much is it in south africa money Tell me does it grind elatchi n cinnamon sticks u can reply or email me lookin foward 2 a speedy reply

  2. waheeda. says:

    Hi didi plz tell me as to how I gotta go abt buyin da bullet on lyn n how much is it south african money does it gring elatchi n cinnamon sticks as well

    • nituchugani says:

      my dear the bullet costs 35.00 euros and the postage is 40.00 euros to south africa, yes it does grind elaichi and cinnamon sticks , but my friend told me that while doing so the plastic jar gets scratched because the cinnamon sticks are soo hard… so please think about it..much love

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