I just cannot decorate cakes to save my life so i have actually given up trying. I just bake my cake, top it with whatever frosting comes to my mind or what ingredients i have at home and we all eat it 🙂 Frankly with my “recipe a day” concept i dont get much time to do a lot. I try to please as much as i can , but for me a cake that has taken hours and hours to decorate should be kept in a showcase and not cut! Okay jokes apart… this recipe is my own creation which i just decided to make on the spur of the moment. The cake is an eggless sponge cake for the recipe please see HERE . I just used a few drops of almond essence which i bought from Lidl.
250 grams of strawberries, washed and stems removed plus a few more for decoration
75 grams of philadelphia cream cheese, at room temperature
75 grams of whipping cream ( i used one which has over 33% fat), chilled
3 tablespoons of powdered sugar or more to taste ( i used my bullet to powder the sugar)
Bake the eggless cake as per my recipe and let it cool completely. While its cooling or even better while its baking lets make the frosting.
I first put the cream cheese and half the sugar into my bullet and pulsed it till fluffy. About 2-3 pulses. I removed it and kept it aside. I then put the chilled cream and the other half of the sugar and pulsed it for about 6-7 times till the cream gets fluffy. I then added the chopped strawberries and pulsed it till it was well blended and looked like a lovely pink cream. I then mixed the pink cream with the cream cheese by hand till well blended. I left it in the fridge to cool. I then sliced my cake in half carefully while saying a prayer for it to be perfect. I sandwiched it with this lovely pink cream and carefully put the other layer of cake on the top saying another prayer. Then i pressed it gently and spread the rest of the cream on top of the cake and on the sides. I then cut a few strawberries into slices and tried to “decorate” the cake. Thats it! Phew…i then thanked the lord that i could actually get a decent looking cake that tasted out of the world 🙂
This makes quite a bit of cream. My daughter ate it up on its own also, it tastes like a strawberry mousse, and that too eggless 🙂
Which cream should you use??


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