I cant think of anyone who doesn´t like popcorn! The first cooking video i ever recorded was on how to make curry flavoured popcorn ! Now i feel i have come a long way from that first clumsy video. Today lets make some popcorn! Curry or Chocolate? Which do you prefer? Let me show you how to make both so that you are spoilt for choice!
25 grams of popcorn kernels, i used a local brand
2-3 tablespoons of cooking oil
200 grams of melted milk chocolate or any chocolate of your choice, i ate one square 😛
Melt the chocolate in the microwave and let it thicken a bit while you make the popcorn.
Heat the oil in a big casserole dish (popcorn expands when popped!) and when it is hot add a few kernels to it. When they start popping add the rest of the kernels and cover. Shake the pan from time to time till the popping stops or becomes less. Take off the heat and let it rest for 15 seconds. Mix it well. If making curried popcorn you can add salt and curry powder now while hot. If making chocolate popcorn please spread the popcorn in a tray and then drizzle the melted chocolate on the top. Mix it well and let it cool if you have the patience! Be prepared to make this often as its going to be eaten it up soon!
Why use popcorn kernels instead of readyto pop microwave popcorn?
The popcorn available in my city is full of fat, it is very unhealthy and so that is why i have used this option.
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