Roomali  literally translated means “handkerchief like” and that is how these rotis are texture wise. These rotis are very popular in desi restaurants They need a special tawa and a skill to be made. Its too complicated so lets try to make a simpler version. After a lot of online research and a few  errors i have finally mastered the art of making a home made version of roomali roti. These rotis are made out of white flour (maida) tho i did try them with whole wheat flour but was not happy with the result. I will try my best to explain them simply how to make them with a step by step written recipe and maybe in the future make a video… so shall we try this out together?
2 cups of all purpose white flour (maida)
3/4 teaspoon salt to taste
warm water as needed to make a dough
a little oil or melted butter
a little extra white flour
First please have a positive attitude that this recipe will turn out ! Now take a big bowl and add the white flour, salt and mix it. Add the warm water a bit by bit and make a dough. If you have a gadget that makes dough you can use that too. Knead the dough well for about five mintues till it is very smooth. Cover it with cling wrap and keep it aside for 30 minutes. Heat a non stick pan ( i used my ceramic pan) on medium heat. Now take a deep breath and lets start!
1. Make round smooth even sized balls out of the dough about the size of golf balls.
2. Keep them covered with a cloth.
3. Take one ball and flatten it and roll it out into a thin round taking care that it does not tear or have any folds while rolling.
4. Make one more round the same way,
5. Now on one roti smear some oil or melted butter and sprinkle with a little flour ( i use my fingers just to sprinkle the flour as you would sprinkle salt)
6. Cover that oiled roti with the other rolled out roti and lightly roll it together so that it sort of sticks together taking care not to roll a lot in case it tears .
7. Carefully place on the heated pan and cook on one side till slightly done (do not overcook or else roomali rotis will not be soft) . Flip and cook on the other side. Now carefully peel off one roti and place it in a napkin, and do the same with the other. Make all the rotis this way and serve them immediately.
These rotis will harden if not eaten immediately as they are made of white flour and are also too thin.
Roomali rotis are served folded in triangles and are light as they are so thin.

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Nitu Chugani

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