.I am so fortunate to have such lovely followers who send me their recipes and pics so i can share all types of different recipes with all of you. Seema Hussain from Jeddah was so sweet to share this recipe of Baboosa which is an egyptian cake made from semolina. Here is the recipe.. Thank you so much sweetie 🙂
This is an egyptian dessert, one must try this . it is so unique in taste…
Ingredients: semolina 200 gms,caster (fine) sugar 150 gms,baking powder 2 tsp heaped,2 eggs, oil or ghee 3/4 cup,1 cup powdered milk or khoya (optional)yoghurt 3 tbsp, milk 1 tbsp.
FOR SYRUP: sugar 250 gms, water 1 cup, lemon juice1 tsp, rose water or kewra optional 1 tsp if you like …..
*Mix oil, eggs, sugar,semolina,baking powder, powder milk or khoya , yoghurt and milk in a well. mix them altogether till smooth.
*Pour the mixture in well greased baking dish.Bake for 25-30 minutes (180 degree celcius) ….make cut marks into cubes and place almonds of each cube.
FOR SYRUP: Cook water, sugar,lemon juice, and rose water altogether till sugar is dissolved and thickens like a smooth syrup.
*Pour this syrup over baked cubes right after taking them out of oven…..
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  1. waheeda. says:

    Tnx didi always wanted the recipe for semolina cake

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