This is the first of my recipes for my creation of “SpanIndian cuisine” a fusion between spanish and indian cusine. Being an indian woman living in Spain my creativity has got the better of me where food is concerned. I am always searching for new, innovative recipes with ordinary easy available day to day ingredients to make life simple and eating or entertaining a pleasure.
For all of you who have visited spain or live in spain our spanish omlette or “tortilla de patata” is a real common sight in all the tapas bars. I have been living in spain for the past 32 years and could never get the art of making this omlette right till my dear friend Adela taught me step by step! I cannot eat anything non spicy so my next experiment had me chopping green chillies and coriander leaves to add to my omlette. The result??? Well…i am sure the spaniards are going to disagree with me and think i have just ruined their omlette but my “desi” tastebuds could not get enough of this delight! It was so good i could just eat it on its own 🙂 So… i plan to add more recipes to this category of “spaindian cuisine” and hope you try my recipes in your kitchens and give  me feedback.
2 cups of potatoes, cut into uneven rounds about .25 cm thick
1/2 cup of sliced onions (if you dont like onions just omit these)
3/4 cup of spanish olive oil
1 tablespoon of grated ginger
4-6 green chillies chopped fine
1/4 cup of chopped coriander leaves
salt to taste
4 large fresh farm eggs
1 good non stick frying pan
Heat the olive oil gently in the frying pan taking care not to get too hot. Add salt to the cut potatoes and mix well. Put the potatoes into the heating oil and cook slowly on low heat till the potatoes are softened but not brown. To ensure they dont brown but cook is to cook them on low heat. Beat the eggs very well  in a big bowl  by hand and add a bit of salt (not too much as the potatoes already have salt). Remove the potatoes carefully with a slotted spoon trying to take off the oil and put into the beaten eggs. Fry the onions the same way in the remaining oil in the pan till softened. Mix the potato egg mixture well. Add the softened fried and well drained onions to the egg potato mixture and mix well. Add the rest of the ingredients. Reserve the extra oil from the frying pan and leave about just a tablespoon to cook the omlette. Put the egg mixture into the frying pan and cover it with a lid. Cook on medium to low heat till the bottom gets slightly browned and then flip with the help of a plate and cook on the other side till done.
This is absolutely delicious…the flavor of the olive oil gives it such a lovely taste.
NITU DIDI TIP: if you want to make the typical spanish omlette just omit the ginger, chillies and coriander.
If you dont have olive oil you can make it with cooking oil.
Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, which actually rids the body of “bad” cholesterol and increases the amount of “good” cholesterol in the blood. Good cholesterol protects the heart and lowers the risk of heart and other cardiovascular disease.
This recipe is the original creation of Nitu Chugani©

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  1. Lo de spaindian me ha encantado. La tortilla tiene que estar maravillosa.

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