Chicken Madras is a very popular dish in most desi restaurants out of India. I searched and researched a lot about this dish as i was asked to teach it in my indian cooking workshop and i had no idea about it because it is not something we make in our indian homes. We make a chicken curry, goan, kerala or even chinese style…but a chicken madras? So…after a lot of thought and hours on google, i came up with my own original take on this dish which soo many people love. I tried it at home and my family loved it so i was ready to teach it to my bunch of eager students!
The main ingredient is a good curry powder…. sounds easy but actually getting a good curry powder is quite a task.
If you do have a curry powder which you love and swear by and cannot find the perfect recipe well here you are 🙂 This curry madras even took me by has a very different way of cooking and as one lady in my cooking workshop commented ” i never thought the curry would turn out the way it did”…without much ado…lets cook????
250 grams of cubed chicken breast
1 onion cubed
3 cloves of garlic
1/2″ pc ginger chopped
2 red tomatoes, or 1/4 cup of tomato puree
1 green chilli (or omit it)
3 curry leaves
Nitu Didi Madras Curry powder about 1-2 tablespoons or to taste
salt to taste
red chilli powder if you want it spicy
butter for cooking if you want a restaurant taste, if not use cooking oil
Marinate the chicken with salt to taste and the madras curry powder , i would add a teaspoon. Boil the onions, ginger garlic and green chilli in a little water till just about soft. Remove and save the waterand blend the onions till smooth. Blend the tomatoes with a little ginger garlic if using fresh tomatoes, if using the ready made canned puree then omit this step.
Heat the butter ina pan and sautee the onion paste with the curry leaves for about 5-6 minutes and then add the tomato puree and sautee till the tomatoes are cooked. Add the madras curry powder ( i would add another 1-1.5 teaspoons) and the red chilli powder if you like it hot. Then add the chicken pieces and cook till the chicken is just about done. Please do not overcook as the chicken tends to get hard and dry. If you need more sauce add the onion stock. Cook for a bit and add coriander leaves.
Its a very different recipe but absolutely delicious.
I also have a recipe on how to make indian restaurant style tomato sauce and you can use that instead of the tomatoes or tomato puree.
Serve with white rice.
To buy Nitu Didi Curry Madras please contact me.
NITU DIDI TIP: You can make this recipe vegetarian using mixed vegetables, tofu, mockduck, seitan, fish, prawns etc.

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6 Responses to CHICKEN MADRAS

  1. Yeah Niitu making this with veg meat…hope its GOOD!!

  2. Shobha says:

    Nice Recipe Nitu..I have observed that people living outside India use curry powder …this spice powder is never used in India at all.. I love it though. Even when I lived in Nigeria and UK I used to make this curry for our English friends…another favourite of theirs is Tandoori chicken.

    • nituchugani says:

      Shobha…you are so right!! This is what happens to me all the time…people ask for recipes which we never make at home… i have bought chicken curry masala from india …and it has been horrible..i think these curry powders are blended out of india to suit the foreigners taste…reminds me…i need to write a review about everest chicken curry powder which was quite…. bad……..

  3. Yo compro en El Corte Inglés curry de Madrás, no recuerdo ahora la marca, lo hay suave y picante.
    Me encanta preparar platos con él.
    Este pollo que has hecho se ve delicioso.

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