I made this vegetable fried rice in less than 10 minutes!! Ofcourse i already had some left over boiled basmati rice in the fridge from the day before so it made it much easier. Next time you are boiling rice , boil a bit more and store it in the fridge and you can make this quick fried rice. I used pre packaged frozen vegetables but you can use fresh vegetables also. What i liked about the flavor of this rice is the suble taste of grated ginger and the variety of vegetables. The taste was amazing. I also feel basmati rice gives this rice a different kind of taste. Its more like the fried rice served in the chinese restaurants in India where they use fragrant rice to cook fried rice. Dont use an expensive brand of basmati rice as then the rice turns out a bit too fragrant!! For those of you who live in Spain,. i used the basmati rice we get in Lidl…its good…cheap and good 🙂
1 cup of refrigerated day before boiled rice, a refrigerated rice gives the best results
1 cup of mixed frozen vegetables OR freshly cut vegetables of your choice, thawed
1 teaspoon of finely grated ginger
a pinch of white pepper
a few drops of white vinegar
1 egg, optional
1 teaspoon of a good quality soya sauce
spring onions to garnish ( i did not have)
1 teaspoon of oil

Heat the oil in a non stick frying pan and when heated add the vegetables which have been thawed. I used a packet that has green beans, carrots, peas, another kind of bean, and some artichokes. Let it soften a bit on low flame and then add the ginger and cover the pan for a minute. Please do not over cook the vegetables, they have to be crunchy. Add the salt, pepper and then the rice. Break the rice if it has any lumps.Add the egg and then with a fork mix it gently so the egg cooks. I say gently because the rice should not break. Cover it for another minute for the egg to cook nicely. Lastly add the soya sauce and spring onions and mix again. Check if rice is well heated. If not cover for another minute. Serve hot with a chinese dish of your choice or on its own. Makes a lovely meal for tupperwares and also a main meal or a side dish.
NITU DIDI TIP: if you are watching your cholesterol you can just add the white of the egg
JAINS :  please omit the ginger and the egg ofcourse 🙂
Eggs are a great source of protein. Numerous vitamins, including vitamin A, potassium and many B vitamins like folic acid, choline and biotin, are also packed into this oval-shaped staple [Source: USDA]. In fact, very few foods share the same diverse nutrient makeup available in a single egg. Many of these are specifically needed for the health of the nerves and the brain.

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  1. Kriti says:

    Do Jains eat egg ?

    • nituchugani says:

      Kriti..sorry they dont…i meant to say they can make the same recipe omitting egg and ginger…wait let me edit it..thank you for pointint it out..am human:) i also make mistakes…

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