These delicately spiced fish pakoras make an excellent snack for parties, starters with your drinks or a side dish with your lentils.
My recipe is also gluten free for those of who who have an allergy to gluten. This recipe is quite mild in flavor so to spice it up you can add chillis and more spices such as garam masala, more ginger garlic etc. The paprika is to give a natural color so if you dont have it or dont like paprika just omit it. It comes with a video tutorial so you can see the texture of the batter.
I used boneless perch but you can use any fish of your choice. You can even make the recipe with chicken, prawns, paneer, tofu, vegetables, mock duck etc…..
If you dont find baby onions in vinegar just use 2 tablespoons of ordinary vinegar
350 grams of boneless fish , cubed
1 heaped tablespoon of thick yogurt, cream cheese or greek yogurt
3 cloves of garlic
1″ piece ginger
a little coriander leaves
2 tablespoons Nitu Didi color free tandoori spice powder
1/2  tablespoon of Nitu Didi spanish paprika powder
salt to taste
4 small baby onions in vinegar, optional
4 tablespoons of vinegar in which the onions were soaking
3 tablespoons of gram flour (besan)
3 tablespoons of cornstarch
sparkling water as needed
Oil for deep frying
In a blender add the yogurt/cream cheese, ginger garlic,. coriander leaves, baby onions, and green chillies if you want it spicy and blend it. Put this mixture into the fish and add Nitu Didi tandoori spice mix and paprika and some salt. Add the vinegar and mix it well. If you can leave the fish to marinate in this for a few hours it will be perfect. Heat the oil for deep frying. Add the gram flour and cornstarch to the fish and add some sparkling water taking care not to add too much. I added a bit more in the video and then corrected it. Put each piece of fish carefully into the hot oil and deep fry till reddish brown and crispy turning them.
Serve with chutney of your choice.
NITU DIDI TIP: I added a bit too much of paprika in the video… please add less
If you dont get pickled onions or dont use them at home dont fret…a little of pickle will do the magic
If you dont have cornstarch a little rice flour will do the trick but i think rice flour makes it a bit oilier.
If the oil is not hot enough your pakoras will turn oily.
For the vegetarian version or jain version please omit ginger garlic and onions.

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  1. Viendo el video se me ha hecho la boca agua, rica receta.

  2. Delicious…………………………………

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